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Enterprise Europe Network is the world’s largest international network of business environment institutions aiming to provide support towards companies in their activities related to internationalization, increase in competitiveness and access to financing.

The Enterprise Europe Network is composed of diverse entities, such as: chambers of commerce, technology transfer centres, research institutes and development agencies, all of which cooperate together within the framework and under the leadership of the European Commission.

The Enterprise Europe Network has been in operation since January 1st, 2008. It was established under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme 2007-2013 – CIP. In the new EU financial perspective for 2014-2020, the Network operates under the Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises – COSME.

There are 30 specialized Enterprise Europe Network Centres operating in Poland, grouped under 4 consortia, covering all regions, namely:

1. Enterprise Europe Network – Southern Poland – 9 centres in 4 provinces (Śląskie, Małopolskie, Świętokrzyskie, Podkarpackie), coordinator: Świętokrzyskie Centre for Innovation and Technology  Transfer Ltd. Consortium website: www.een.net.pl

2. Enterprise Europe Network – Central Poland – 6 centres in 4 provinces (Mazowieckie, Łódź, Kuyavian-Pomeranian, Pomeranian), coordinator: Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. Consortium website: www.een.org.pl

3. Enterprise Europe Network – Eastern Poland – 6 centres in 3 provinces (Podlasie, Warmian-Masurian, Lubelskie), coordinator: Lubelska Development Foundation. Consortium website: www.eenep.pl

4. Enterprise Europe Network – Western Poland – 9 centres in 5 provinces (West Pomeranian, Lubusz, Greater Poland, Lower Silesia, Opole), coordinator: Wrocław Center for Technology Transfer at the Wrocław University of Technology. Consortium website: www.westpoland.pl

Activities of the Enterprise Europe Network Centre run within the structures of Staropolska Chamber of Industry and Commerce:

  • Searching for business partners and assistance in establishing business contacts within the country and abroad.

Searching is done, among others, through the use of the database of international cooperation offers –  Partnership Opportunity Database

  • Organization of Polish companies’ participation in cooperation events (international business meetings and business ventures)

Business meetings are a very effective form of acquiring new business contacts and contractors. They consist of two-way business talks conducted face-to-face, and are considered one of the best forms of establishing lasting business relationships. The selection of partners and arrangement of meetings is made by the Enterprise Europe Network Centre on the basis of previous applications.

  • Advisory support in the selection of adequate financing sources

Adequate sources of financing are proposed to companies for investment projects, R&D projects and others aiming at raising competences.

  • Company’s Innovation Management Assessment in compliance with the IMP³rove methodology

This system for assessment of companies’ strengths and weaknesses in innovation management is recognized by the European Commission and the European Standardization Agency. The Enterprise Europe Network Centre at Staropolska Chamber of Industry and Commerce obtained a license to conduct IMP³rove analysis.

  • Publications sharing for entrepreneurs

Publications targeted for entrepreneurs include: Newsletter of the Enterprise Europe Network  Centre, publications related to entrepreneurship, foreign markets, innovations and reports.

  • Business Process Optimization

This service is aimed at changing management methodology, methods and techniques (mainly but not exclusively in the production field) in the way, which enables improving the workflow and processes. Business Process Optimization offered by the Chamber is based on the KAIZEN/LEAN management concepts.

  • Knowledge transfer – using the academic intellectual potential to increase the innovativeness and competitiveness of enterprises

Knowledge transfer in Świętokrzyskie province is focused on strengthening direct cooperation between university employees and employees of enterprises.

  • Organization of trainings, workshops, seminars and conferences

Numerous topics of these activities conducted by the Centre include: internationalization, functioning of enterprises in the EU and on foreign markets, posting of workers, CE marking, funding opportunities for business activities, intellectual property, research and investment programs, HORYZONT 2020 and other EU regulations.

  • Providing information about the European Union Framework Program HORIZON 2020

Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme with nearly € 80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020).  Particular emphasis is put on the EIC Accelerator Pilot, which replaced SME Instrument.

  • Information on new European Union’s initiatives for enterprises

The Centre supports active participation of enterprises in shaping the policy of the European Union, among others through the SME Feedback initiative. This initiative aims to collect citizens’ and entrepreneurs’ opinions on the Union’s policy and the functioning of the European Single Market. The collected information helps in the creation and improvement of EU policy.

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Enterprise Europe Network is an international, largest network of business environment institutions in the world supporting companies in activities related to access to finance, increasing competitiveness and internationalization.

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