Cooperation offers

Offer no. BOPL20190523001:

A Polish company that delivers concentrates, organic juices, fruit flavors and NFC (not from concentrate) juices from apples, cherries, blackcurrants, rhubarb, strawberries, raspberries and chokeberries to the Polish market, EU and non-EU markets is interested in finding partners from the whole world and offers its products for distribution.

Offer no. BOPL20190222001:

The company from Poland specialises in the designing and implementation of control systems & industrial automation. The company offers: automation systems (comprehensive implementation of projects), modernisation of already existing systems, programming PLC (Programable Logic Controllers) and HMI visualisation (Human Machine Interface), system maintenance and emergency services. The company is looking forward long-term cooperation under subcontracting, outsourcing and services agreement.

Offer no. BOPL20190201002:

The Polish company was founded in 1988. It is located in the South-east part of Poland. The most important areas of the company are production of paper accessories and cardboard packaging. The polish producer of high quality ISO certified acid free paper boxes for long-term preservation of documents is looking for a distribution services agreement and/or a commercial agency agreement.

Offer no. BOPL20181025001:

A Polish producer of a new alcoholic beverage (14,5% alc/vol) based on the rich flavors of lemon and lime is willing to establish cooperation under distribution services agreement.

Offer no. BOPL20180821001:

A team of Polish engineers have developed an interactive tool dedicated to education and rehabilitation. The product is produced in the EU and the technological process has ISO 9001. It is a technologically advanced device for children, adults and the elderly, for training, rehabilitation and fun. It is ideal for speech therapy, language learning and for gymnastics. The company is looking for business partners to enter into commercial agency or distribution services agreements.

Offer no. BOPL20180419001 :

A Polish company, operating in the field of designing and producing ventilation hoods, is looking for distributor to sell its products, and is offering its manufacturing services as a subcontractor. The company has 29 years of experience in the production of wide range of modern, stylish and high quality kitchen hoods made of stainless steel.

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